We work hard to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction and have received many letters of appreciation. The following are a few of the many thanks that we've received:

With well earned respect, I confidently recommend Eric and Karen Sonne and their company Freedom Medical Transportation. Eric and Karen are two of the most generous, warm-hearted and dedicated people I know. I have had the pleasure of watching them start and grow their non emergency medical transportation business from the ground up. They have supported each other seamlessly, worked diligently, and built a team of compassionate and hard-working employees to serve and enhance the Central Coast.

Freedom Medical Transportation is an outstanding, professional service and small business that truly makes a difference in the lives of others. I would like to thank Eric and Karen for their exceptional work, dedication and contribution to our local community and nominate them for the KSBW's "Salute to Small Business" Sincerely, Jill W.

Smooth, effective, courteous. Joe W. (and the wife added): I have to thank you so much too ... for the immediate attention. Carol W.

Eric is a professional driver and very courteous. Julia R.

Totally satisfied .. Brandon is a great driver.. very smooth . Would like to have him on future drives. Very pleasant attitude. GOOD JOB ! ! ! ! Ed L.

FMT staff were not only highly professional, but very caring and attentive to my needs. My "hat is off to you" ! ! ! ! ! Thank you, Dr. Helen S.

Two years ago I was a patient at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. As a discharge patient I was transported by Freedom Medical Transport. My experience with FMT was very positive. Being transported by wheelchair, the two employees were very courteous, helpful and professional. Everything went smoothly and there was no waiting for the van to arrive for the transport. I would highly recommend FMT for anybody needing a non-emergency transport. Sincerely, Greg H.

It is my pleasure to recommend Karen Hanlon-Sonne and Eric Sonne of Freedom Medical. I have known Karen for 10 years and Eric for more than 5 years. They have always been the paragon of professionalism. They are caring, wonderful people who truly care about those placed in their care. They go above and beyond to accommodate those in need as well as those who use their services. They are extremely ethical and diligent. They work tirelessly to accommodate all requests. Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me at the number below. Best Regards, Diane Bettencourt

I have known the owners of Freedom Medical Transportation, Eric and Karen Sonne for 10 years and believe that they have brought a very valuable and needed service to Monterey Bay and surrounding areas. They have deep roots in the community and continually strive to provide outstanding customer service and have increasingly grown their business and provided employment opportunities to local job seekers.

They now have a professional ,and reliable, team they can depend on. Customers can be assured that they can get to their destinations safely, on time, and are treated with courtesy and respect. I highly recommend Freedom Medical Transportation for non-emergency transportation services. They are an asset to our community and will be growing and contributing to our economy for many years. Kathy R.

Freedom Medical Transportation is very conscientious about their duty to deliver patience safely and on time for all of their medical need. They have a great team and fleet of vehicles to service all medical transportation needs. They would be my choice if I needed that service. Dean P.